Most people think that a life coach is the same as sports coach. You go to an expert who tells you what you need to do, or where you are going wrong. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A life coach assumes that the client has all of the answers, or at least knows the best place to find them. The client does not need to be fixed, or told what to do.

Instead the coach will use powerful questions and tools to help draw out the answers and solutions that the client already has inside their mind. Coaching is future focused unlike counselling/therapy. It seeks to identify the desires of the client, and then help them to achieve them by breaking the goal down into manageable steps.

The coach always follows the clients agenda. The client decides on the topic/content of each session, and it is the coach’s job to listen, reflect back, raise awareness, challenge, and keep the client on track.

Your coach will help you to understand exactly what it is you want, and why this is important to you. They will help you to plan how you are going to achieve it, understand what might get in your way, how to overcome these blocks, and support/empower you as you take the actions needed to achieve your desired outcomes.

Corporate Coaching:

James also works on a freelance basis within companies and small businesses. Many business owners are beginning to understand that investing in a coaching program can save them thousands of pounds a year. High stress levels and a rise in mental health conditions are having a huge impact on company profits. By educating staff on stress management and giving them access to one on one coaching/NLP, employees are happier, healthier and work harder.

Corporate Coaching

The benefits of Corporate Coaching

  • A more positive culture and atmosphere in the office.
  • Better performance and higher productivity.
  • Less absence due to mental and physical health problems.
  • Improved communication both with customers and colleagues.
  • A greater sense of pride and loyalty towards the company.