I found the coaching sessions to be very helpful in bringing to the forefront the core issues that needed to be addressed to help me manage the situations I was facing. By the end of the sessions, I felt much clearer on what the problems themselves actually were, and actions I could look to take to improve the situation. As a result, I was much more mindful, when next in those situations, of why these problems presented themselves, and able to try out actions to counteract them.

I wouldn’t say that all the issues I brought to the sessions have disappeared, but I have kept in mind the strategies I found most helpful, and I have noticed an improvement in some aspects of the issues, mostly because I am more aware of the problems and able to keep in mind strategies for managing the situations.

I found James to be extremely kind, patient and understanding, and I felt completely listened to throughout the session. He focused intently on what I was saying and I felt he was quickly able to guide me, using a specifically targeted line of questioning, towards discovering the root of the problems and ultimately some potential strategies to move forwards, and I felt much clearer at the end of the sessions. His warmth, kindness and intuition make him an excellent coach and one I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to in the future.

Nikki Laurence (Head of Musical Theatre IAB)

I went into coaching sessions with James with an open mind, but even so was caught off guard by just how quickly he got me talking about the real route of my issues. I had been experiencing anxiety attacks brought on by stress at work.

His style is so natural and effortless, I wasn’t even aware we were making progress until we had set out goals, and really nailed down the heart of the issue I was having. Not only did James help me work out the problem, but helped me set realistic, manageable goals. (To find a new job essentially).

As it turns out, I achieved my goal, exactly when we said I would, it was truly amazing to have achieved what at the outset seemed like just a dream. I will be eternally grateful for the changes James helped me make.

I am now far more confident  and approach situations with a boldness I just didn’t have before. My sense of self worth has increased ten-fold and I am in a job I love, and no longer experiencing crippling stress as a daily occurrence.

Chris James (Digital Marketer)

I was strangely nervous when I began my sessions with James but he very quickly put me at ease with a very friendly yet professional approach. I am very unorganised but have a clear vision of the things I want to achieve, I am just unable to come up with an effective plan myself. With James’ help I was able to separate the things I wanted to do into manageable tasks that didn’t seem overwhelming.

It became obvious quite quickly that I work well when I have to be made accountable for my actions and so having James to go back to each week gave me the push I needed to get things done. This being said James made it very clear that it was essentially down to me and he was just there to help me prioritise and put potential plans into action. This was great as I then had a sense of responsibility which drove me forward.

Over the course of the sessions I had with James I began to become more organised and able to clearly pinpoint what I wanted to achieve to the point where I would begin a session by telling him what I wanted rather than him coaxing it from me. He helped me gain the confidence to realise that with a little forward planning things are really rather easily done! I am confident that everything we spoke about will remain confidential and would thoroughly recommend James to other people who could use a little life coaching.

Leah Anderson (Team Leader – Dementia Care)

Very positive; life changing really. It was a great opportunity for me to address things head on, and put in place realistic goals and time to achieve them. Having James there to “Coach” me through meant I was much more likely to achieve them.

The sessions gave me the chance to really think and reflect on elements of my life, and guided me to identify how small changes can make a big impact.
James was a great coach, he listened well and guided me in the right direction to achieve my goals. He put me at ease and engaged well. I learned a lot, and continue to set my self goals as a result of this experience.

Jo Watson (Lawyer)

I approached James in the hope of discovering the cause of my lack of motivation on a daily basis. He helped me in uncovering the limiting beliefs that were at the root of the problem.
Our sessions enabled me to restore faith in my abilities and quash the negitive beliefs. I have returned to work with greater focus and enthusiasm!

Ryan Cawley (Business owner)

The Coaching sessions have enabled me to gain more focus and to break things down into manageable stepping stones, that are realistic and structured.
I appreciated being given deadlines as this cut down the opportunity to procrastinate.
I liked that the series of questions challenged me and made me think in new ways. I am more aware of my values and how they shape my overall journey in life.

I found James’s caring demeanour a pleasure to be around, as it put me at ease in our sessions.

These sessions have resulted in me feeling empowered to seek a new job and studying opportunities. I am looking forward to where this will lead in the longer term.

Stephanie Todd (Social Worker)

James has completely changed the way in which I view myself. There were times in my life where I felt worthless, which I put down to my job and relationship. The techniques which James showed me really helped on a day to day basis, and I will continue to use them.

I was really nervous about seeing a life coach as I didn’t know what to expect, but James made me feel so comfortable, and we went at my own pace. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Sam (Sales Manager)